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2015 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl: Jameill Showers poised and sharp in televised practice

Two graduated Miners took part in the first round of televised practices for the 2015 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Wednesday with Jameill Showers outclassing his quarterback peers mentally, and Eric Tomlinson showing off his physical strength.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You can be 6'5, 230-plus-something, have a rocket arm, and become a NFL draft pick at the quarterback spot, but sometimes its the little things you do during the draft process that can go a long way when you're a long shot in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Jameill Showers practicing with the National team for the 2015 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl did just that Wednesday morning under the direction of former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna who is serving as offensive coordinator.

Showers was extremely sharp in the practice process and looked like an information sponge.

Miami-Ohio's Andrew Hendrix physically plays the part of a prototypical pro quarterback, and South Alabama's Brandon Bridge has a cannon, and understands how to use his size to stand tall and athleticism to move around in the pocket.

But what they didn't show was the poise to practice and learn a new system with attention to detail, along with the NFL required pocket presence and fluidity when dropping back from under center like Showers displayed throughout the entire workout.

Showers appeared to know exactly what was going when it came to play calls, and verbiage guessing its probably the first or second day of him learning a "new system."

He was also far more fluid on his under center exchange, and while his lack of natural arm strength was exposed at times in comparison to the others, Showers showed an ability to quickly and efficiently file through his progressions in the pocket with Mike Martz's play calling.

UTEP's two year starter glared down every one-on-one chance Kitna or Martz had to school him with great regard, and you can tell he stored it away taking in the practice session filled with coaching as a seasoned vet who understood what this opportunity means.

Another kudos to Jameill was his attachment to John Kitna's back pocket for almost the whole practice, and even showed up Hendrix on National TV by doing so.

After his less than stellar set of reps, Hendrix went over to talk to a group of receivers waiting for their reps, as Kitna was barked at him to come over so he could coach him up.

Kitna asked Hendrix what the next play call on the field was and Hendrix didn't know.  Though when Kitna proving his point about paying attention asked Showers who was standing there paying attention and taking mental reps without breaks, Showers knew what it was.

For what it's worth and as we know the announcers labeled Showers as a west coast offense quarterback.

Eric Tomlinson and his beard's first appearance in his team American practice started with head coach Mike Holmgren giving him good technique tips to avoid penalties on smaller defenders on "pick play" passing routes.

Tomlinson's first play of a 9 on 7 team drill was so good I had to tweet about it.

He looked healthy, and showed good speed after his second or third step off the ball in a 7 on 7 drill.  Also hauling in two of his overall three targets in the period, and also brought in a tipped pass off a running back for another catch.

It appeared his size made his speed deceptive to the defenders because he always seemed to get open on the first break of his route which was pretty impressive compared to his peers who had trouble getting open throughout the drill.

Tomlinson did not lineup or practice as a lineman and could see a lot of time at tight end along side Alabama's Brian Vogler.  Marshall's Rakeem Cato is a quarterback on his Tomlinson's squad along with Clemson's Cole Stoudt.

Holmgren's practice was little shorter, and quicker paced, and he delivered one hell of a speech after the workout, both practices were in full pads.

Just some tidbits ESPN shared about the bowl's relevance to future NFL careers, in 2012 five players were drafted and 49 signed rookie free agent contracts.

That number has continued to grow since.

In 2013 eight players were drafted, and 44 signed deals, and last year 14 were drafted, while 63 signed on the dotted line.

Showers and Tomlinson go through another round of live televised practice's Thursday on ESPNU.

The National team will practice at 10:30 a.m. Mountain Time, and the American practice at 1:30 p.m. Mountain, both on ESPNU.