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Q&A With Jameill Showers

We caught up with the UTEP signal caller, see which teammate he calls a future "NFL Guy".


MinerRush: What have you seen on film over the past few days on Texas Tech?

Jameill Showers: Well we saw they play a lot of man, man free, but they trust their DB's a lot so I think we will have a lot of one-on-one match ups with them.  I just have to get the ball out quick, they have a pretty quick D-line.

MR: How much is seeing multiple looks upfront last week going to help you this week?

JS: I know they play a lot of the same fronts as New Mexico did, so I think we just really need to clean up what we missed against New Mexico and I think it will be the same.  They play a lot of odd, and three down, and they will also play an under which is all New Mexico did.

MR: Talk about the prospects of playing in front of 50,000 fans on Saturday?

JS: Its just exciting, I think its going to be a really, really good atmosphere so we're ready, I know the fans are ready.

MR: Have you talked to coach Kingsbury at all while you have been here at UTEP?

JS: I talked to him one time, he was just asking how I did, and how I was doing. Other than that he was pretty busy, that was his first year at Tech so we have only talked one time.

MR: What is the one thing that you saw from a culture standpoint that he brought to A&M, and has probably transferred over to Texas Tech?

JS: Energy. That's a big thing, he is a very confident guy and he brings a lot of energy. He's a young coach, so he pretty much brought every thing that Sumlin did because he worked with Sumlin for a while. Bringing to music to practice, things like that, so I know those guys will come out, and they're going to be ready and will have a lot of energy.

MR:  You have been around college football for awhile now to be able to evaluate talent levels, what do see out of Aaron Jones in the future?

JS: He will end up being at least one of the top two, top three backs picked whenever he gets done I think. He's just too good of an athlete, he can play all over the field, he can play slot, running back, you put him on special teams he will excel there.  He's going to be an NFL guy.