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Conference USA Twitter Fans Power Rankings

Twitter is beautiful sometimes,we stack the top Tweeting schools from each C-USA member.

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It's been a little more than a year since I've joined the Miner Rush crew and before that I HATED social media with a high passion.

I rarely would ever get on Facebook, and had no idea what Twitter was, but the majority of information I get now a days comes from the Twittersphere.

I've grown to really fall in love with Twitter, though I still have a love-hate relationship on Facebook depending on which female is hitting me up ;)

So without further adieu here are the top and bottom Tweeters of the C-USA.

I judged this solely on the amount of Twitter followers each school has or from what I have been able to see, the quality of smack talk I have seen from each fan base, and overall presence on Twitter such as how fast can I find info on each school on Twitter rather than using Google or other forms of research or articles.

C-USA Twitter Fans Power Rankings
1. UTEP Need I say more,(enter homer pun here) there are thousands of NMSU hating, Dallas Cowboy loving, talk shit about Tim Floyd and feel the wrath UTEP fans who are top notch Tweeters. The Chris Sandifer deal sealed UTEP as the top spot as homerish as that sounds.
2. Southern Miss. Wanna talk about a Twitter Army, you can probably find #SMTTT on your timeline at any hour of the night.  Not only do they have fans who deliver All-Conference smack, but you can find most Southern Miss. news on Twitter before someone posts an article.  Plus Neil Watson follows MinerRush on Twitter so that's pretty cool.
3. UTSA They are many, passionate, and maybe the most openly opinionated fans that Tweet about their team. Not very much news info from the UTSA media, but their fans are even better outlets than some news outlets, we follow more UTSA people than anyone in the conference and they have a huge presence.
4, Louisiana Tech The Dogs' have a great following, and even better message board presence. Bleed Tech Blue, LA Tech Report are good follows for solid LA Tech info as are a few beat writers who pass along good stuff.
5. North Texas North Texas fans were really cool during our C-USA Tournament coverage last season, they have an Army of loyal followers and provided some classic trash talk last year when they played UTSA in football, no way North Texas will ever fall outside my top 5.
6. Old Dominion Old Dominion probably has the best news media Twitter presence in the conference, and their fans are pretty friendly with other C-USA fans, I see them as a mini UTEP in terms overall fan support but they are growing IMO, ODU's Twitter game is on the rise.
7. Marshall Marshall has a nice clan of Tweeters, they have a few blogs who pass along tons of Herd news, and few news outlets that have nice feeds as well.
8. Middle Tennessee Middle has a decent Twitter following with a few die hard fans that pass good MTSU info and smack, still small in numbers but a few leaders that have thumbed out some gems in the past, they are also very knowledgeable.
9. Western Kentucky Wave the Red Towel blog is a great follow for WKU news as leaders of the WKU Twitter world, a few of their beat writers are also pretty active, wanted to see more trash talk when they played MTSU but really wasn't impressed, MTSU's top dogs dominated that battle.
10. UAB The only consistent Twitter presence is from Blazer Talk blog, though their beat writers, and newspapers are pretty informative follows.
11. Charlotte Charlotte has a good Twitter following for news regarding women's and men's hoops team, but I haven't seen very many 49er fans running smack on Twitter.
12. FAU Same deal as FIU, a few FAU fans followed MR after their huge win against UTSA this weekend since we showed them mad love, Could there be more out there?
13. FIU

Until last weekend when a FIU podcast followed the Miner Rush account I had never seen a FIU fan on Twitter.

14. Rice Has anyone seen a Rice fan on Twitter????