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Say What?

The Miners face a big test in Manhattan, Kansas this weekend.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

UTEP heads to Manhattan, Kansas to take on their second opponent from the Big XII when the Miners challenge the #25 Kansas State Wildcats. Here is what K-State Head Coach Bill Snyder had to say about this weeks matchup.

On the UTEP football program

"UTEP has the capacity to be a very fine football team. They're a very aggressive football team. They fly around. They play hard, and those kinds of teams can always create issues for you. So, if we're emotionally caught off in a variety of different things, you can get knocked on your back side."

On UTEP running back Aaron Jones

"As it relates to him as a player, I like the fact that he has some speed and can move around pretty well. He runs well, and aggressively, straight ahead. He's a good downhill runner and he carries piles. You cannot arm tackle him - he won't allow that to happen. He does not have great size, but he runs like a 215- to 220-pound running back. I admire that. Obviously, he’s been effective."

On approaching UTEP's offense

"They are a tough football team, hard-nosed and tough up front. They run the ball well. They have proved that with all of their statistics. They are up at the top in the country in rushing right now so it is going to be a big challenge for us, but we are up for it."