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UTEP Hoops Picture Day: New Orange Threads?

The UTEP basketball team took team pictures today, are those the Orange road unis for this season?

UTEP Athletics shot off a series of Tweets promoting men's basketball picture day, but did they reveal a brand new uniform set in the process?

The seniors were wearing the always clean white Texas Western throwbacks in their senior pics, though in the team picture UTEP is wearing what looks like new Orange road unis with just UTEP across the chest.

The Orange color looks a little sharper than last year's Orange set, but the design looks just like last seasons practice uniforms.

This leads into my burning question, are the Texas Western throwbacks going to be the home threads or is UTEP holding back on a sweet home white jersey?

Of course UTEP debuted the badd in black jerseys last year that were absolutely amazing, and will we ever see an alternate blue set again?

Practice starts October 1st, the warmness of UTEP basketball season is almost here.

Here are the pics....

Ju the camera is over here!