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Sandifer Thumbs Out Shot at Floyd

Someone is bitter much....

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The one hour I'm actually doing my day job like I'm supposed to, I miss the live Twitter/Instagram drama caused by former UTEP signee Chris Sandifer this afternoon.

In a now deleted Instagram post Sandifer blasts Coach Floyd in a typical 2014 way by sending out a clear shot on social media, then deleting it.  Have at it.

Sandifer reportedly did not qualify academically at UTEP (I got in once it's not that hard), and is enrolled at Chipola Junior College where he claims he will get drafted.

At first glance I was upset that he would not be a Miner, but after the classless shot he took at the only legit Division I coach who risked offering him a scholly despite his known academic issues I'm okay now.

Sandifer has now made himself public enemy number one among Miners fans, with much approval from Isaac Hamilton.

Sandifer goes on to comment on the post to a possible UTEP fan that "Tim Floyd been cheating" again showing that maybe he does need some JUCO edu-ma-cation. "Tim Floyd has been cheating" or something like that is more proper but whatever we at the Rush love, and stand by CTF.

For what its worth, CTF has been a strict no non-sense model citizen since he has been at UTEP contrary to his beliefs.

This certainly quells the why does Verbal Commits have Sandifer verbally committing in late August question....