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C/O 2014 Closer Look: Terry Winn

Being the only forward in a class full of guards, Terry Winn looks to make his mark as a Miner.


The immediate need for the class of 2014 was of course a huge influx of guards, Terry Winn brings an artillery of versatility to what can be considered now a truly deep, and versatile front court for the Miners.

Winn averaged 23 points and 13 rebounds last season at Westwind Prep, playing against some of the top elite talent in his age group, and some top JUCO level teams as well.

That experience along with his superb athleticism should give the Miners huge energy, and a solid rebounder on the floor.  Winn prides himself on bringing energy on both ends of the floor, and grabbing the tough rebound.

Its hard say where exactly Winn would fit in the rotation with guys like Julian Washburn, and Cedric Lang returning, but I think Winn can help create match up problems in certain possible lineups the Miners could use.  It also appears he can guard multiple positions with his way above average athletic ability, something that is always important in Tim Floyd's system.

Playing against, and behind Washburn, and Lang next season will help this youngster out in the long run with both Ced and Ju playing over 80 collegiate games the past three seasons, and they both have developed great basketball minds.

As our Rush faithful know I'm really high on the under the radar Winn, and think he can eventually develop as clone of the mentioned Miner veteran's certain traits mixed all in one player.

Winn isn't a true freshman "youngster" at 20 years old, and already has a division one frame that allows him to bang on the block, and is able to fly around on the perimeter with his fleet foot ability.

Describing his offensive game as liking to play around, and above the rim, he also showed some spring and power in a couple of playful dunks. If Winn can move around with some IQ without the ball, he could be a solid cutter/slasher who can finish around the cup, and get to the free throw line.

The one thing that jumps out to me about the class of 2014 is the versatility of everybody and their isn't really a specialist type of guy, though Terry Winn defines versatility in a 6'7 forward.

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