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C/0 2014 Closer Look: Trey Touchet

Call him the "silent shooter", "the quiet Cajun assassin", or just Trey, but Trey Touchet brings more than just his quick release jumper to El Paso.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The UTEP Men's Basketball team will be introducing the Freshman Class of 2014 to the media in the next couple of weeks, and first up was the two-time Gatorade Louisiana High School Player of the Year Trey Touchet.

Touchet, a sharpshooting, cerebral combo guard from Lafayette will produce for the Miners with his offensive talents at guard, but what stands out to me the most is how the young man carries himself.

All signs point to Touchet being a solid leader down the road of his career, which to me is more important than any point per game average.  Trey is a proven winner, and certified baller in a state that supplies a few handfuls of Division One basketball talented year in, and year out, and will be ready for the pressures, and rigors of the big show.

While Touchet may not show much emotion on the floor or say much off the floor, the fire to become a staple of this program is definitely a goal with his hard working ethnic.  Trey is a lead by example guy, and will outwork his opponents on a daily basis, and provides so much versatility at guard for the guard hungry Miners.

Touchet is something of a legend in Louisiana, that legend will continue to grow in the Orange and Blue over the next four years, write that down.

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