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Don Haskins Center, Sun Bowl Get Video Board Upgrades

New video boards will go up over the summer in the Sun Bowl, while the Haskins Center will get its upgrade in the fall.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sp

UTEP officials called a press conference this afternoon to reveal plans for an upgrade to the video board systems both in the Sun Bowl and Don Haskins Center, also receiving an upgrade is the sound system in the Sun Bowl.

The Sun Bowl will now sport a 34 foot high by 60 foot wide LED display video board where the current board sits, and will be able to cycle through replay, stats, and advertisements, as well as displaying close calls that are reviewed on the field.

Two auxiliary scoreboard displays in the same location as the other two current scoreboards in the south end zone will be replaced by 6 foot by 90 foot 15HD pixel LED layout boards that can also cycle through multiple uses as well.

The north end zone will now have a 4 foot by 96 foot wide LED ribbon display that will provide the same info as the other two displays in the south end zone.

The house that Don built will now have the two largest video boards in college basketball according to Athletic Director Bob Stull.

Two 13 feet high by 40 feet wide LED video displays will be placed in the Don, giving fans a wider angle on the action, while new shot clocks, back board lighting, and the Daktronics DakStats software will be installed to fill the video boards with up to date stats.

The locker rooms in the Don will also have game clocks installed inside, along with a new marque display that will measure 4 feet high, by 18 foot wide by the University Ticket Center outside of the Don Haskins Center.

These new boards which will cost $3.4 Million in total for all the upgrades, will be the same models used in Globe Life Park in Arlington, and Minute Maid Park in Houston, giving UTEP the best video board displays in Conference USA.

Demolition of the old boards in the Sun Bowl will start tomorrow, whille the Haskins Center should start its upgrade sometime in late September or early October.