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Q&A With Future Miner Terry Winn

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UTEP commit Terry "Trey" Winn spoke with MinerRush about his recent commitment, check out what the 6'7 forward had to say.

Tom Gonzales-MinerRush

The 2014 class has been shaping up month by month, in anticipation of the April 16th signing day.

Trey Winn took some time to participate in this session of Q&A.

The 6'7 233lb forward from Westwind Prep averaged 23 points, and 13 rebounds last season, and looks to add to physicality to the Miners.

MinerRush: So what was it about UTEP that made you give the Miners the final nod?

Terry Winn: I love the fan support, and the experience that coach Floyd has under his belt, and feel like under him I'll develop more as a better person and ball player.

MR: How do you think playing top level AAU, prep, and high school ball has prepared you for the rigors of the division one basketball?

TW: I think playing at those levels has prepared me in many different ways, and has showed me that I am ready to compete on the division one level, and that I can produce.

MR: What do you bring to the table as far as your skill set, and what parts of your game do you feel you have to improve over the summer?

TW: I think bringing my physicality and energy to the table will help a lot! I also feel with the type of  forward I am, I'll be put in a lot of mismatch situations that I'll be able to successfully dominate on the court! I also think my seeing the floor and knack for rebounding and scoring around the rim will be key as well. Over the summer I think working on my jumper outside the elbow range, will need more improvement for my three ball, and maybe my perimeter defense a bit more.

MR: How do you see yourself fitting in with the returning roster next year for UTEP?

TW: I will work hard and earn every minute of my playing time, I won't come in trying to be the superstar, just doing me, and playing my game that I feel will mold itself into the system quite well.

MR: What is your scout assessment of Lyrik Shreiner?

TW: Lyrik I believe is a smaller me! He can attack the rim, and finish strong. He's a very good athlete, and with improvement on his three ball, and with more time at the point guard and shooting guard position, I think can be a deadly guard mismatch along with his ability to guard the ball the way he does

MR: Have you educated yourself on the rich history of UTEP basketball, and have you seen Glory Road?

TW: I haven't really educated myself with the history of it, but I have seen Glory Road a number of times, and other than Hurricane Season it is one of my favorite basketball movies.

MR: As a true under that radar prospect, does that light a fire within to prove everyone that overlooked or slept on you?

TW: Totally, I had a lot of previous coaches in my lifetime doubt my ability to be a perimeter player, and try to put my game in a box and make me a post player, which has kind of helped my game because of my ability to be an inside out player now. But, I do have a lot of folks to prove wrong, and I will simply let my game, and hard work do the talking as far as that goes. I just thank coach Floyd and his staff for seeing in me what others didn't, and will continue to work so that this all goes forward in a successful manner.

MR: Have you decided what your going to study at UTEP?

TW: Not really yet, I'm kind of undecided for now.

MR: What aspect of your game do you think UTEP fans will fall in love with?

TW: My energy, physical way of scoring, and emotional love for the game!