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Former UTEP Coach Barbee Out at Auburn

4 seasons after leaving the Miner program for seemingly greener pastures in the SEC, Coach Barbee has been fired at Auburn.


You can look at this as a tale of two programs. In 4 years at UTEP Coach Barbee went 82-52 and saw steady improvement each year, going from 10th to 6th to 4th to 1st place in C-USA. In 4 years at Auburn Coach Barbee went 49-75 and never finished higher than 10th place in the league. The Tigers had been playing better under Barbee as of late, but just yesterday were blown out of the SEC tournament as a 12 seed by 13 seed South Carolina, 74-56. Here are some links:

ESPN article article

Miner coaches continue to have varied success in their post-UTEP lives. Billie Gillespie experienced extreme highs and extreme lows that were well documented. Doc Sadler struggled at Nebraska for a few years and is now a current assistant coach under Fred Hoiberg at rising Iowa State. We'll see what Barbee chooses to do next. He is still relatively young and the Auburn job is a difficult one for any coach. Perhaps he'll spend a few years as an assistant again, or maybe take a job at a lesser conference.

I guess it just goes to show, the grass isn't always greener...