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Say What? Tim Floyd Edition

A few quotes from Coach Floyd after the Miners week long non-conference journey.


"The first thing you do when you get back is you go to the cleaners.  You wash your clothes and get ready to go.  You're out of stuff.  You're wrinkled and you're tired and you're beaten up.  You give guys a day off so they don't have any excuses like they're fatigued or tired.  And you come out and have a great practice."

"We have watched film. It's almost four games when you look at it. We go back to the Aggies here.  We weren't very good. The only game we played well in the first 10 minutes of the game was Princeton.  So you look at why.  Where are the mistakes coming from?  Where are we turning it over?  Why are we not getting shots on the board?  Why are we not breaking the press?  All of those things.  And you identify it, you practice on it and you try to get better at it."

"It's not so much Las Cruces, it's what you're facing when you get over there.  Siakam, Mullings, Eldridge and all these kids that can really, really play.  We have been on the road now.  We have been in a difficult environment.  We've got some freshmen that maybe haven't been there as much.  Those guys you keep an eye on.  But we've got to go play, and last time I checked the fans have never scored a point."

"Look at who they've played. You go play Wichita State, you go play Saint Mary's, you go play the Lobos on the road.  See if you're not up and down.  Who the heck can go beat those three people on the road?  Nobody is going to go beat those people.  We know who they are.  They're very talented, a very good team, they're going to be in the NCAA Tournament and they're going to win their league.  That's who we're facing."

"So many people around the country get cheated because they're letting coaches make the schedules and they're dodging these twofers.  We should be playing each other every year, just like we should be playing the Lobos every year twice. There's too much history involved.  It's a great game for the fans and will be a very difficult game for us."