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Former UTEP Athletic Director Killed in Tragic Accident

Former Texas Western/UTEP Athletic Director Ben Collins tragically lost his life Wednesday afternoon.

In some depressing and tragic news, the man who was responsible for hiring Don Haskins tragically passed away this afternoon.

According to El Paso Police and media accounts, Bob Collins and his wife Mary Gene were stuck by a truck while they were crossing Mesa Street this afternoon.

Collins was inducted into the UTEP Hall of Fame in 2008, after serving as Athletic Director at UTEP from 1946-1961.

Aside from hiring The Don, Collins was also the head football coach during the last five years of his UTEP tenure leading Texas Western to a 6-3 record in 1957.

Collins was also a stud on the gridiron during his playing days as he ranked second in nation in scoring for West Texas College in 1941.

According to police, Collins and his wife were crossing Mesa Street around noon on Thursday when they were struck on 2900 block of North Mesa, they both were transported to University Medical Center where they died.

Sad day for Miner Nation, and the Rush extends their full and deepest condolences to the Collins and UTEP family.