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Say What? North Texas Edition

The North Texas football program is hungry and motivated. Both UNT and UTEP head into this weekend looking to make steps toward bowl eligibility.

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Saturday November 15th, the North Texas Mean Green lead by Head Coach Dan McCarney head to El Paso to take on  a 5-4 UTEP program seeking it's first bowl birth since 2010. Here's what McCarney had to say about this weeks matchup.

UNT Coach Dan McCarney how big the FAU win was for the Mean Green

"It was a really important win for us. I flashed back to many, many years ago when I was an assistant coach.  Lee Corso was the head coach at Indiana and had gotten blown out by Nebraska, which happens to a lot of people, especially when Tom Osborn was coaching. I will never forget, it was the Lee Corso show. The camera came on and Lee was laying in a coffin. He flipped the lid open and sat up at the beginning of the show and said, ‘We aren’t dead yet.’ I kind of felt that way going into the game the other day. We had four losses in a row."

On his quarterback's performance last week against FAU

"Andy Mac did a good job of managing the game. He reminded me a lot of Derek Thompson last year in that game. He didn’t have super numbers or sensational all-conference plays, but he really executed the plays like we wanted him to."

McCarney on the magnitude of this weekend’s matchup with UTEP

"It’s a big game for us and a big game for them. It’s kind of like the playoffs. With four games to go starting last Saturday, you are either in it or you are out. We took our first big step to stay in the playoffs and stay in the hunt. We have a huge challenge in front of us with UTEP. We are looking forward to it. Our Sunday meeting was a lot more fun than it had been the last month."

On UTEP running back Aaron Jones

"I am really impressed with their running back Aaron Jones," UNT coach Dan McCarney said. "He was impressive last year as a freshman and is even more impressive now as a sophomore."