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UTEP Takes A Gamble

The UTEP athletic department has offered a deal that's Miner Strong to UTEP fans. But will they show up and support?

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

For weeks now the rage in El Paso hasn't been about the product on the field, but off it. Yes, fan attendance has been the hot button issue. You can read it on message boards, on the Twittersphere, and even hear about it on Youtube. It's apparent that as the win total climbs for the football program, the attendance tumbles.


That's the million dollar question with a $10 dollar solution according to the UTEP athletic department. For $10 you can support not just one team, but three all in one weekend. Men's and Women's basketball Friday, and capping the weekend off is football who faces North Texas in the Sun Bowl. Ladies and gentlemen, that is unheard of. The fan base has complained that UTEP marketing hasn't done enough to promote the winning program. That tickets are too expensive. This that and the other. To me this is a gamble, a choice that has the makings to be a wise one. They heard all the calls and read all of the complaints.

Now it's in the hands of Miner fans. Will they show up and support what appears to be special weekend of athletics? Or, will it be back to the usual?

There should be no excuses. No reason not to support a program with an opportunity to accomplish something special. This Saturday UTEP looks to make history.

For more info, visit UTEP Three Games One Price Website