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Monday Lunch With Kugler

In the shortest presser of the season, Kugler talks about LA Tech and moves forward to Old Dominion this weekend.


Sean Kugler kept it short, but broke some pleasing news in his weekly addressing of the media.

Once again I bring you some highlights that stood out to me....

***Kugler took responsibility for not having the team prepared for LA Tech.

***Noted that the five turnovers led to 42 points, and those five turnovers would have not beat the East Side Little Miners. lol

***Also noted the sacks and negative plays the offense let up, and the 5 out of 17 mark on third downs as things UTEP can not afford to have on offense.

***Was pleased with the defense on limiting Kenneth Dixon to under his per carry average, but noted way too many explosive runs were let up by assignment errors.

***Noted no sacks and only  three quarterback hits were negatives he also brings up from the defense.

***Called D'Carlos Renfro's interception an "outstanding play".

***Defense lost their eyes and assignments on the screens, and the QB zone read.

***Missed tackles on punt returns were noted as negatives from the special teams unit.

***Poor communication from the returners on kickoff return between Damian Payne and Autrey Golden are things that UTEP must clean up.

***"Not a phase on that field where we did well"

***Kugler was extremely surprised of the result after what he thought was a solid, energy filled week of practice.

***Said the team has to get better in facing adversity, team isn't doing a good job of responding when they are down.

***Team has to put the LA Tech game behind but learn from it, Kugler will implement some changes in the way they practice.

***Kugler also notes some schematic changes and personnel changes, didn't flat out admit but basically said UTEP can't be repetitive on offense.

***Schematic changes involve getting play makers in better position to make plays in the passing game.

***Visibly upset at himself for lack of preparation he noted and took responsibility for to start off his comments, and is not down on the team.

***Talked very high of ODU's quarterback Taylor Heinicke, said they use four receiver sets with two physical receivers, and two smaller, speedy receivers

***ODU has allowed 17 sacks this season, and are the least penalized team in the conference.

***Kugler said ODU also has a very productive linebacking crew.

***ODU also has forced 11 turnovers, 34 tackles for loss along with 11 sacks on defense.

***Notes the Miners have to protect Jameill Showers better this week for any success against ODU when they pass.

***Kugler said ODU also has some productive and capable kick returners.

***Said this part of the season is a lesson of bouncing back, and how the team responds to this is how they will be judged.

***Passing game has to be improved from all aspects from blocking, to route running, and making the right read from Showers.

***All turnovers in the passing game not all on the quarterback.

***Expect slight personnel changes in the passing game which should be figured out by the week of practice.

***Secondary has gave up too many chunk plays, and its on the whole group not just one particular player. '

***D'Carlos Renfro and Ishmael Harrison will be out with injuries.

***Personnel changes Kuger talks about will probably be finalized later in the week, guys will have to perform in practice this week.

***UTEP will bring out a throwback logo on their helmets this week.

***Told Aaron Jones he has to take care of the ball better after his fumble on the screen play, and used every negative play to use as a teaching tool.

***Kugler said this week will bring out the characters of his senior leadership, and expects guys to respond.