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Alamodome Review: A-

Walked into the one of the wonders of Texas for the first time in my life, and came away pretty impressed from a UTSA standpoint.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

MLB baseball, prize boxing matches, a Pac 12 and Big 12 pitted bowl game, top notch music draws, and the UTSA Roadrunners call the Alamodome home, and I gotta say the Runners have a neat home field advantage.

First off the place is huge, probably dropped a few lbs walking around tunnels and up and down stairs, but the Alamodome is a unique setting for a regular FBS home schedule.

The NFL like feel, and setup is a nice recruiting tool, and the easy access for tailgating fans were on top of my lists of things that stood out right off the bat.

Tailgate lots are within a few feet of the walk/stairway entrances that are easy to find and can be accessed pretty easily as well.

Got to the Dome about an hour or so before game time and the music/energy were very flowingly festive in the UTSA lots, while the traffic control and traffic flow in the lots had no issues.

The two tailgate lots were pretty cool to me, from hearing before and seeing for myself the parking is pretty hard and prime in those lots, but if you get there early there seems to be plenty of parking within a fair walking distance to those areas.

Inside the Alamodome the turf is thick and not a fast track surface like the Sun Bowl, though the overall setup inside is very nice.

UTSA personalized the outlining with business, non-cartoonish like UTSA themed covers to the sidelines, and upper decks making it look like they aren't just paying rent in the place.

Us UTEP types took up about 3-4 sections in a typical visiting team corner, but every view is pretty visible making viewing a non-issue no matter where your seat it is.

The student section is set towards the south end zone and had a really good showing once kickoff came about.

They made some great noise on the UTEP's first drive, but realized the most fun was to finish off the cases of brew back at the tailgate lots with plenty of early exits once the game was in the good guys hands.  Otherwise its a great setup to have them in one of the end zones because it can get pretty loud in there.

Like the Sun Bowl and everywhere else they get up for third downs, and the enclosed environment with 30K-plus with a team that doesn't travel well makes audibles and line checks a tough task for a visiting team.  They booed when UTEP came on the field but our crowd drowned them out and it was hair raising to see that.

The press area was right above the lower bowl and was not enclosed so I had a good seating view, with the ability to hear the crown in full throat.

Tickets are very affordable as well, and there is a comfortable family setting apart from the pretty good student section.

Some knocks were minor and can be improved.

The in-game timeouts and entertainment were pretty lame to be completely honest.

Also the UTSA band wasn't very impressive either maybe because of the blowout they were a non-factor, but my contingent of family sat in the UTEP sections and said they couldn't hear them and neither could I. Overall my folks had zero complaints and had a blast with the always hype UTEP faithful.

They desperately need a bigger scoreboard as I only noticed two on the north and south ends with both being pretty confusing at times if your not used to it as they are spread out about 50 yards going right to left.

Obviously the dome is need of a little modern upgrades like scoreboards, video boards, and the sound system was a little weak as were the in game music selections, but otherwise not a bad stadium to call home in your fourth year of being a D-1 program.

Salute Runner Nation yall were solid hosts, look forward to making this trip every other year until one of us calls the Big 12 home lol