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Sean Kugler Suffers Leg Injury During Old Dominion Game

The head man took a shot directly to his knee area during the first play of the 4th quarter.


UTEP head Sean Kugler took a back of the helmet shot to the knee area during the UTEP and Old Dominion game Saturday night.

On the first play of the fourth quarter, Taylor Heinicke hit Nick England on a deep out route and as England is being forced out of bounds the back of his helmet connects with Kugler's knee as Kugs is back pedaling out of the way.

Kugler limped away and reacted with a painful grimace as his knee appeared to be locked while getting out of harms way. El Paso Times reported it was a hamstring, but it that helmet directly caught Kugler in the knee.

He reportedly was unable to walk up the Mine Shaft to the locker room, and had to be carted from the field to the concourse level after the game.

During his pre-game presser Kugler said he didn't want to sit down and was visibly uncomfortable moving around, he also had his left knee heavily wrapped with ice.

For majority of the fourth quarter Kugler stayed around the same area where the play had happened, and reportedly did not get attention from the trainers during the important fourth quarter (if you saw something different drop it in the thread).  Kugler is usually animated, and is very active on the sidelines.

We hope its nothing serious and coach recovers quickly, but nothing seems to deter the head man from moving the chess pieces for  a win! #KuglerStrong (someone reading this make this hash tag a t-shirt before the next home game in support of Kugler)