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Aaron and Alvin Jones Added To Basketball Roster

UTEP assistant coach Bob Cantu announced on Twitter that football players Aaron and Alvin Jones will be added to the basketball roster.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The whirlwind of news surrounding the UTEP Basketball team continued late Tuesday with the announcement of El Paso's own Aaron Jones and Alvin Jones being added to the team.

Bob Cantu tweeted that the Jones' brothers would be added to the roster, though no change on the UTEP website shows them listed as of right now.

UTEP football players and former local high school basketball players Aaron and Alvin Jones to be added to our roster!!!

Aaron averaged 17 points a game for Burges in his senior year, while Alvin averaged 11 points a game.

Aaron was known for his ability to throw down monster dunks in high school, and was an attraction to El Paso basketball enthusiasts during his senior year.

Of course Aaron also broke the UTEP freshman rushing mark this past fall, and also garnered a spot on the All-C-USA Freshman team.

He was sidelined after the North Texas game on November, 9th with broken ribs, and according to Miner Illustrated he has fully recovered and is a go.

Alvin who played quarterback at Burges, was red-shirted by Sean Kugler as a defensive back, and is expected to have an increased role in the secondary next year.

Both will obviously fill the guard spots left behind, Floyd jokingly mentioned the need for a point guard during today's presser, turns out he wasn't fooling around at all.

Another twist in what has been a wild Tuesday in Miner Nation.

Check out some of Aaron's defense and Alvin driving the lane