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UTEP Officials: Point Shaving Not Involved, Three Players Dismissed From Team

UTEP officials confirmed today that three men's basketball players have been dismissed from both the team and university.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After much rumor and speculation, UTEP officials finally came forward today to clear up exactly what was going on within the men's basketball program.

Those officials confirmed that weeks ago, through an anonymous tip, it was learned that a couple of members of the men's basketball team were involved in sports betting. That information was immediately relayed to the FBI, and their findings were subsequently presented to the NCAA.

Both junior Jalen Ragland and junior McKenzie Moore, who were suspended from the team indefinitely in late December, were involved, as was senior transfer Justin Crosgile.

Sports gambling of any type, by players or coaches, is a clear violation of NCAA rules and calls for an automatic one year suspension, as well as loss of eligibility for that year. Because all involved players are upper classmen, they have been dismissed from both the team and university.

To this point, there is no evidence to support the recent rumors of point shaving, nor is it believed that these players were betting on any UTEP games. No further information was available on what types of bets were placed, or where these bets were placed.

According to UTEP Athletic Director Bob Stull "The investigative process for us is done".

We will continue to monitor this story as it develops, and will bring you any information as it becomes available.