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KFOX14 News Sources: Moore and Ragland Under FBI Investigation

KFOX14 News in El Paso is reporting that suspended UTEP men's basketball players Jalen Ragland and McKenzie Moore are under an FBI investigation according to their sources.

Jalen Ragland
Jalen Ragland
Anthony Salom-MinerRush

KFOXTV14 broke a story Monday night about the possible FBI investigation of Jalen Ragland and McKenzie Moore.

Here is a link to their report.

According to KFOX14 their sources say the FBI is involved in an investigation of both suspended players, though no one at the University nor the FBI can confirm these allegations.

Numerous message boards have pointed to point shaving as the reason for the FBI investigation, but at this point it is nothing but rumors, and nothing has been confirmed to MinerRush.

If these rumors and allegations are true it will be a huge blow to the season, and more importantly the program we all adore so much.

But again like the KFOX report states, UTEP has yet to confirm or make any comment on the situation, so the truth of the matter still remains a mystery.

UTEP opens Conference USA play Thursday against the Charlotte 49ers at home in the midst of a five game winning streak.

We will continue to monitor the situation......