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UTEP Fans Demanding Road Games On Local TV Network

Miner Nation made it loud and clear they want to see UTEP Athletics push for their own local TV network.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There was a huge buzz on the Miner Nation Twitter verse last night, though it was not about the UTEP men's huge win against Middle Tennessee.

Miner Nation took to Twitter, demanding UTEP Athletics to find a way to televise away games.

Fans even went as far as creating a We Want Miner TV Twitter account in a rapid response.

It has been a long talked about issue since the CW, and ABC7 stopped airing both football and basketball games in the early to late 2000's.

To my knowledge, the last UTEP sporting event to be carried by a local network was back in 2012 when the football team played at East Carolina.

Longtime supporters Ed and Sue Anderson financially supported a 2009 football broadcast between UTEP and Memphis that was picked up by the CW network, showing it is possible to make something happen from a booster or donor standpoint.

The issue of an actual TV Network maybe that since C-USA owns the rights to UTEP games, UTEP would have to come up with a nice chunk of change to buy those rights, adding in the extra costs which would stretch to millions in order to create their own TV network.

With the roar of support from Miner fans, I'm sure there is a local business or two that would step up to the plate, or even a booster or donor, hell maybe the athletic program just might cave in and fund it.

There are a number of positives that can come out of a MinerTV like network.

For one, what a recruiting pitch that would be to have your own TV network where fans can easily identify players, and become more knowledgeable with the ability to actually see what’s going on live instead of following Twitter updates, and searching for print, digital media write-ups.

With more exposure its easy to get to know and love players, plus this is the digital age everything is on TV, and the internet!

Contrasting an example to a point, UT's Longhorn Network provides detailed, insightful information you will not find on a blog, or message board about their athletic programs.

The impact locally could also be huge, since of course a UTEP TV network would have to be localized from the start.

If you have your own network you can market players by having shows where players are involved by interviews, and fan interactions, or even air local charity events with players, coaches, and administrators taking part in community based efforts. Isn't that something positive fans, and the city can actually see besides X's and O's?

Bars and restaurants can hold watch parties, creating revenue by Miner fans who want watch the game in a group, fan club like setting.

Not to mention the advertising money UTEP can tax, and add to its cash flow, while helping local businesses grow their entity with fans being able to affiliate local businesses with the university, and of course the commercial air time during games.

2014 is supposed to about how #ItsAllGoodEP, this would be a huge step in solidifying that direction.

While UTEP is well on its way to building the academic part to stand as a Tier 1 program, most Tier 1 programs in athletics make sure their fans see the major sports on the road as well.

Another positive of a network is the right to have the Olympic sports to get some much needed air time and exposure as well, since they usually just get a small caption as their only form of media attention.

We can even model the Aggies with their successful run with Aggievision in employing students, or alumni volunteers who have the same passion to air Miner games.

It could be a long shot for Miner TV Network, but kudos to the rest of Miner Nation for making their voices heard, and also the good guys over at ESPN 600 who have continually pushed this demand for years.