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UTEP Coach Tim Floyd Calls on Bob Cantu as Foster's Replacement

It only took about a week for UTEP basketball coach Tim Floyd to name a replacement for Greg Foster, and it happens to be one with great experience and ties to Coach Floyd.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Today, Tim Floyd called on former USC interim head coach Bob Cantu to replace the departed Greg Foster on the Miners' coaching staff. Foster, of course, took a job with the Philadelphia 76ers last week.

Cantu joins the Miners' staff after a 12 year stint at USC that saw him move from assistant coach (under Floyd) from 2005-2009, to assistant head coach, and eventually even to interim head coach once Kevin O'Neill was dismissed from his duties midway through the season.

Coach Floyd has this to say about Cantu:

"After Greg left, it was easy to sort through candidates and find a guy that both [assistant coach] Phil Johnson and I are comfortable with...He is a very aggressive recruiter who will make sure we're entrenched in the West. He was a big part of our success at USC and later handled himself real well as the head coach of the Trojans."

Bob Cantu definitely helps to fill a void created in west coast recruiting after the departure of Foster. Cantu's connections and influence in the area will allow the Miners to continue to aggressively recruit the area, without skipping a beat.

Cantu joins head coach Tim Floyd, assistants Phil Johnson and Ken DeWeese, and Assistant Director of Basketball Operation Konner Tucker on the Miners' staff. Floyd is expected to also make an announcement soon on the new Director of Basketball Operations.

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