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UTEP Football: First Week Bye Blessing In Disguise

Seeing a first week bye when schedules are released usually isn't something coaches and players are happy about but for this UTEP team it may be just what they need

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-US PRESSWIRE

Most coaches and players have spent all spring and summer getting ready for the season, and can't wait until that first week arrives so they can hit the field and play a real game. So, when they see that they have a first week bye many teams cringe at the thought of having to wait one more week until they get to play their first game.

On top of that, most teams love having the bye later in the season because it gives the team a chance to recuperate and heal from the physical toll football takes on the body. But, for a team with a bunch of new faces it can be a blessing in disguise.

This Miner team is the perfect example of one who actually has positive thoughts about that bye. The defense will definitely benefit from this as they will get an extra week to get acquainted to the new 4-2-5 scheme under coach Stoker and be better prepared for their first game against New Mexico.

Jameill Showers getting an extra week of practice doesn't hurt either, as it will only help to give him better command of the offense, and just a bit more time to create better chemistry with his receivers.

On top of the added practice time, another advantage is that UTEP will be able to see game film of New Mexico's first contest, and will be able to create a game plan that will give the Miners an advantage when they meet up in week two.

Also, UTEP will have the element of surprise against New Mexico because no team really knows what to expect from the offense or defense with the new systems put in place by the Miners coaching staff.

At the end of the day I'm sure that the competitive fire inside the Miner players and coaches leaves them all a little disappointed they don't get to play week one, but I believe in the long run it will help this Miner team and definitely gives them an advantage heading into their week two matchup with New Mexico.