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Julyan Stone on the verge of breakout year for Denver Nuggets?

Former Miner JuJu Stone has the eye of the tiger.

Julyan Stone guards Chris Paul
Julyan Stone guards Chris Paul
Harry How

Just a few links to catch up with all-time Miner assist leader Julyan Stone. First, here's an article that might have been linked to already on this site. In it, the best point guard in the NBA Chris Paul gives props to the former Miner:

And then there's this YouTube clip of Julyan Stone working hard, and I mean hard, on his game. Miner fans will especially appreciate that JuJu sports his old UTEP orange workout jersey.

Not only does Stone look like he's put on a lot of extra muscle, it looks like he's added a jump shot to his game that was not there when he wore Miner orange and blue. This guy was one of my all time favorite players and I'm just excited to see him going all out to take that next step. We know his defense will always be there. If he can add a few dimensions to his game offensively, watch out.