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2013 Battle For Atlantis Field Set

For months, officials hadn't announced who the 8th participant in the 2013 Battle For Atlantis would be, but today we found out it would be the Iowa Hawkeyes.


The tournament, to be played November 28-30 2013, will take place on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, and will feature the likes of Kansas, Iowa, Tennessee, UTEP, USC, Villanova, Wake Forest, and Xavier.

As was first reported by CBS' Jeff Goodman hours ago, Iowa becomes the final participant, rounding out a loaded 8 team field.

The Hawkeyes had previously committed to playing in the Great Alaska Shootout, but bailed when presented with the opportunity to play at Atlantis, seemingly in an effort to strengthen a non-conference SOS that potentially kept them out of the NCAA tournament this past season.

The pairings for the tournament have still not been released, but as was first reported by MinerRush on our Twitter account earlier this week, the Miners will play Georgetown, Cincinnati, and USC in the upcoming season; leaving much speculation that UTEP and USC could be paired together in the opening round in the Bahamas.

Regardless of who the Miners end up being paired with, this field will provide some great matchups, and some great experience for a maturing UTEP basketball team. And again, much like this past season, next year's schedule is shaping up to be another one of the best we've ever seen.

Make sure to stay tuned to MinerRush and our Twitter account @sbnminerrush, as we'll continue to bring you information on UTEP basketball, and all things UTEP sports as the information becomes available to us.