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Floyd in Talks with USC

Breaking News coming out of Los Angeles, Tim Floyd is possibly in talks with USC to become their new head coach.

Ethan Miller

The news is dreadful. For some it might feel like a relationship that you thought you had trust in, only to find out that you were just on the side. That is how Miner fans feel at this point with the news that head men's basketball coach Tim Floyd has spoken with USC officials regarding the head coaching job. While there is not really anything that is concrete right now, a lot of stress and worrying should be going through the heads of Miner Nation right now.

Tim Floyd was the head coach at USC from 2005-2009 where he lead the Trojans to three consecutive NCAA tournament appearances. Apart from all the success that he had while he was at USC, the dark cloud of allegations took over. There were rumors and confirmations of recruiting violations and improper conduct with incoming athletes. The most notable player that Floyd coached while at USC was OJ Mayo. In a way Floyd was "encouraged" to step down, even though it was later found out that he had nothing to do with the said violations.

In his time at UTEP, Floyd has posted 59-36 record with no NCAA appearances. Most people feel that the way he was let go from the USC job was unprofessional and that Floyd might want to return since there in new leadership. There are also reports out there that state how Floyd has talked to his players as well as the coaching staff to inform them of the situation. While that is the professional thing to do, i feel that this is the wrong time for Floyd to even consider jumping ship back to USC. While UTEP has not had the best of seasons as of late, the future is looking bright for the Miners. My biggest fear with all this would not be the loss of Coach Floyd, but the loss of Issac Hamilton. If we all remember the special that was aired on EPSN regarding his and several other student athletes decisions about their future, Hamilton stated that the biggest reason for his coming to UTEP was his relationship with coach Floyd.

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