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Miner Granted Extra Year of Eligibility

Senior Richard Spencer has been granted an extra year of eligibility from the NCAA after tearing his ACL during a game last season.

Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

According to the El Paso Times, Safety Richard Spencer will be returning for his fifth and final season with the Miners. Spencer tore his ACL during the game against Wisconsin back on September 22, 2012. The fifth year senior had to get cleared by the NCAA since he had played in 20% of the season. Generally speaking, if a student athlete plays more than 5 games in a season and gets injured, there is not a good chance that they will get that season back. Richard is currently rehabbing his knee with hopes of being able to have productive workouts during spring ball. Up till his injury in the third quarter, Spencer had accumulated a total of 36 tackles (19 solo) with only one interception. In 30 games with the Miners, Spencer has 119 tackles (65 solo) with 2 interceptions.

It is safe to see that the Miners will be looking to him to be the leader on the defensive side as well as a big play maker in the secondary. Reports also show that his backup Shane Huhn is no longer on the team. Being in the new look Conference USA, there is no reason why this Miner defense shouldn't be able to dominate on the field. All the pieces are slowly coming into play for the Miners. We all know that this team definitely has the talent, but the key to victory will be Kugler implementing his will, work ethic and determination to win. The Miners will have their annual Spring Game on April 12, 2013. When the time is available we will pass it on to you. As always thanks for reading Miner Rush and stay tuned for any and all updates.