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Dual-Threat QB Headed for UTEP

The Miners recently learned that former TEXAS A&M Aggies QB Jameill Showers will be transferring to UTEP for the upcoming season.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

If you haven't already heard the news by now, we have all you need to know right here. Former Texas A&M QB Jameill Showers has transferred and will be playing for the Miners this season. Showers was the backup for both Ryan Tannehill and Rookie Heisman Sensation Johnny Manziel. If Miner fans don't know much about him, well it's time to do some research. While his stats might not be impressive, the one thing we must remember is that he never got the chance that he truly deserves. In two seasons with the Aggies, Showers threw for 359 yards with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. However, what he may lack in numbers, he makes up for the love of the game. Jameill is the kind of player who will study the game and really dissect all he can so that he may be the best he can be. We recently had a phone interview with Jameill and here are the questions as well as his responses.

When you hear El Paso, Texas what is the first thing that comes to mind?

"I think of the desert and worried about the snakes, not to fond of them"

What was your background as a child (such as what sports did you play growing up)?

"I came from a real athletic family, both of my parents played at sul ross and are currently teachers/coaches. I played baseball when I was younger then moved from fort Stockton to Killen. In middle school I played football, basketball and ran track. In high school I played baseball, football, ran track and took up power lifting which is a lot of fun."

When did you know that football was the right choice for you?

"Since I was about 3 years old. My father was a coach at Sierra Blanca,i had one of the toy Oakland Raider helmets and I would just go out and do the drills with the team.

What did you learn from Ryan Tannehill?

"I learned a lot, I would always be picking his brain, that's how I picked up reading coverage's and how to really study film."

What inspires you to play football?

"I would say my parents but mostly a fear of disappointing them and a fear of failing myself. I want a shot to be the best."

What has been the highlight of your career (high school, city, college)?

"I would probably say when I got to play in the game vs. Idaho because before then I had not played football since my Junior year and I had broke my collar bone my senior year I had chills."

(Showers threw 4 for 4 for 40 yards that game)

What can you bring to this UTEP team?

"I think I am a pretty good leader. I can bring passion and a spark. I am a perfectionist and I know I can work hard and get the team successful."

How do you feel that your experience in the Big 12 and SEC will help you in CUSA?

"I feel that at the SEC level with the speed, bigger guys and level of play/talent that we had, it can really help me adjust to the speed of CUSA as well as the reads I will have to make."

How did you know ultimately that UTEP was the right school for you?

"I went to visit this past weekend and what really set it in stone for me was the fact that there was something different every 10 mins, it was exciting. The biggest thing for me was trust and I feel that I can trust my future with the coaching staff UTEP has."

The one thing that I took away from this interview would be how humble Jameill is. He is a very professional young man and just by speaking with him I could tell of the passion he has for the game. Coming into spring ball and the off season, the QB battle should be very interesting. There is one thing that is certain though for this Miner team, Coach Kugler is getting the city of El Paso ready for war and he is ready to win. As always stay tuned to Miner Rush for any and all updates that pertain to UTEP sports.