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UTEP at Houston Open Comment Thread

The UTEP Miners (13-9, 6-3) visit the Houston Cougars (14-8, 3-6) in a Conference USA matchup Wednesday night at Hoffheinz Pavillion. The Miners enter fresh of a home loss to Tulsa, while the Cougars are coming off a home loss of their own to Tulane.

Both teams have lost two of their last four, and are struggling to get things going on a consistent basis. The Miners have certainly been the better squad on the year, but issues within the team have plagued them recently, and its yet to be seen how that will affect them moving forward.

Neither team is exactly in great shape for postseason play, but the Miners more than the Cougars are in desperate need of a win to keep this season on track. They are certainly capable of picking up the victory, but Houston, while young, is as talented as anyone in the league.

It should be a tough battle between these two teams tonight, as it usually is no matter where the teams fall in the standings. In the end, the Miners just need this win more, and Tim Floyd's coaching abilities will be able to overcome being on the road, and playing a tough and talented team.

Miners 66, Cougars 62