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One Last Ride in Conference-USA as we Know It

This will be the last year the Miners men's basketball team heads into conference play in the 12 team Conference-USA we've known for most of the past decade. Let's see how we've fared after 7 years.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

UTEP Miner men's basketball record versus C-USA foes:

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Overall Record vs Opp. C-USA Tourney Record Longest Streak
vs Houston L, W W, L L, W, W L, W, L L, W, L W, W W, L, W ?, ? 10-8 2-2 3 (UTEP)
vs Tulsa W, W L, L W, L, L L, L W, W, W W, L, W L, W ?, ? 9-8 2-1 4 (both)
vs SMU W, W W, W W, L, W W, W W, W, W, W W, L ?, ? 13-2 1-0 8 (UTEP)
vs Southern Miss W, W W, L W, L W, W W, W L W ? 9-3 1-0 4 (UTEP)
vs UAB W, L W, L L, L L, W W, W L L ? 5-7 0-1 4 (UAB)
vs Rice W L, L W W W W, W L, L ?, ? 6-4 0-1 5 (UTEP)
vs Memphis L L L L W W, L W, L ? 3-6 0-2 4 (Memphis)
vs Tulane W L W L W W, W L, W ?, ? 6-3 n/a 3 (UTEP)
vs Marshall W W W W W W, W L ? 7-1 1-0 7 (UTEP)
vs UCF L L L W W, W L L ? 3-5 1-0 3 (both)
vs East Carolina W L W W W L W ? 5-2 n/a 3 (UTEP)
UTEP C-USA record by season (Tourney record) 11-3 (1-1) 6-10 (0-1) 8-8 (2-1) 10-6 (0-1) 15-1 (2-1) 11-5 (2-1) 7-9 (1-1) 76-49 8-7

Overall a pretty successful run for the Miners in C-USA as we know it. The Miners hold a losing record against only 3 teams (Memphis, UCF, and UAB). In particular, the Miners have played Houston, Tulsa, and SMU a bunch of times, which has led to solid rivalries with the Cougars and Golden Hurricane. UTEP has been dominant over SMU though.

Believe it or not, the Miners' longest current regular season winning streak against a particular team is against the Memphis Tigers. The Miners have beaten Memphis 3 times in a row in the regular season. The Tigers have had the last laugh two of those three years though, ending the Miners' season in the C-USA tournament in 2011 and 2012.

Can't wait to see if UTEP can add to these win totals.