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UTEP to the Mountain West Conference by Hook or by Crook

With the recent announcement of Boise State University remaining in the Mountain West Conference and the reported contemplations of Brigham Young, San Diego State, Southern Methodist, and Houston; it's safe to say the blogosphere is abuzz with what should or will happen once the dust settles - this time.

UTEP Miner Fans
UTEP Miner Fans
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With the on-going changes in NCAA Conference landscapes and specifically the Mountain West Conference, the question that Miner Nation faithfuls continue to ask, what about UTEP? Most suggest that we should beg, borrow and plead for an invite while others state we should primp and preen. Here's an aggregate of what's currently being said: UTEP to the Mountain West; It's Now or Never by Asalom at
For UTEP, its now or never. We are not in a position to wait around and see what happens next. Its time to look out for the best interest of the university and its "stockholders", and its time to figure out a way to get into the conference that many fans and alumni have felt we've belonged in for more than a decade.
KROD Program Director and on-air sports personality Steve Kaplowitz writes: Can UTEP Afford To Leave C-USA For The Mountain West?
One big question remains: can UTEP afford to pay the exit and possible entry fee to change conferences? It is doubtful that the university has the $6 – $7 million to make the move, but they could ask their biggest donors to help with covering the fee.
Mountain West Connection's contributor Jeremy Mauss recently wrote in his article titled Mountain West expansion: UTEP really wants to join MWC
UTEP needs to make itself look as good as possible if they are going to earn a spot to the Mountain West.
From the El Paso Times editorial board; UTEP's future: Preen for Mountain West
It's time for the University of Texas at El Paso to put lipstick on its football program and preen for an invite to join the Mountain West Conference.
With all the hyperbole of what UTEP should do in order to solicit the coveted Golden Ticket Invitation from the Mountain West Conference, I submit that university president Dr. Diana Natalicio and Athletic Director Bob Stull are intricately involved in the discussions and will ultimately do what's in the best interest of the University and it's stakeholders...the fans. All this being said, I pray they act wisely, stead-fastly and get us that damn invite!