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"The Rush" Episode 12 - UTEP Sports Talk

MinerRush: "The Rush" Episode 12 - 8/8/2012
MinerRush: "The Rush" Episode 12 - 8/8/2012

With the September 1st season opener nearing three weeks away, the UTEP Athletics department held the first media luncheon of the year on Monday to give coach Mike Price the chance to talk about how his team is doing, as well as the additions of six new players to the 2012 roster.

Topics on this episode of "The Rush" include Price's comments from that media luncheon, the Ultimate Miners' Bracket, the UTEP Men's Basketball "Dream Team, some UTEP football recruits, and an update on how former Miners are doing in the 2012 Olympics.

Also, I would like to formally introduce Todd Wickham (SoCal Recruit Spot) as a new member of the MinerRush team. Todd does some great work covering both football and basketball prospects, and he will be a great asset in giving us an in depth look at some UTEP recruits. Make sure to check out his website at

As always, thanks to Mal (Freestlye Pro) for allowing to use his song "Hometown" as our intro.