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UTEP Men's Basketball Dream Team: Shooting Guards

1966 Texas Western Miners
1966 Texas Western Miners

After 3 weeks of polling the Miner Dream Team has its frontcourt starters set. David "Big Daddy" Lattin gets the nod at center, Jim "Bad News" Barnes is the clear starter at power forward, and Omar "OT" Thomas is our starting small forward. Now we get to look at two stacked positions in the backcourt in the coming weeks. First up, the shooting guards. Let's begin by noting that some of the candidates listed in this category could also have been listed in last week's small forwards category. For example Stefon Jackson, Jason Williams, Scott English, and Johnny Melvin all played some a lot of time at the 3. We here at the Rush decided to count these players as 2-guards for various reasons. So let's get down to it and look at this week's Dream Team candidates: Orsten Artis, Scott English, Jake Poole, Luster Goodwin, Kent Lockhart, Mark McCall, Johnny Melvin, Antoine Gillespie, Kimani Jones-Young, Jason Williams, Stefon Jackson, and Randy Culpepper.

Below we have the candidates with their years played, all-time field goals made and field goal percentage. Ever since Jordan the 2-guard has sort of been the glamour position in men's basketball, and so unsurprisingly, many of this week's candidates are in the 1,000 points club and among the top scorers in Miner basketball history.

Player Years Played GP FGM FG%
Orsten Artis 1963-1966 82 381 45%
Scott English 1969-1972 77 312 47.50%
Jake Poole 1973-1977 91 382 44.70%
Luster Goodwin 1981-1985 119 572 47.40%
Kent Lockhart 1981-1985 120 394 44.10%
Mark McCall 1987-1991 105 262 48.00%
Johnny Melvin 1988-1993 129 425 45.10%
Antoine Gillespie 1992-1995 94 534 42.30%
Kimani Jones-Young 1994-1997 83 337 43.50%
Jason Williams 2003-2006 97 443 46.10%
Stefon Jackson 2005-2009 124 810 44.80%
Randy Culpepper 2007-2011 138 782 42.80%

Below you'll find our candidates total numbers in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals:

Player Total Points Total Rebounds Total Assists Total Blocks Total Steals
Orsten Artis 939 278
Scott English 782 484
Jake Poole 951 180
Luster Goodwin 1327 178 218 2 97
Kent Lockhart 974 349 279 12 83
Mark McCall 798 300 93 17 54
Johnny Melvin 1142 602 270 58 154
Antoine Gillespie 1706 385 180 16 87
Kimani Jones-Young 1058 234 201 15 103
Jason Williams 1225 614 321 22 135
Stefon Jackson 2456 643 205 11 140
Randy Culpepper 2338 373 274 35 251

Four of the top 10 scorers in Miner history appear on this list (#1 Stefon, #2 Randy, #4 Antoine, #9 Luster). Jason Williams and Johnny Melvin are in the top 20. Not surprisingly, the players who spent a lot of time playing the small forward position also lead the group in rebounds (Jackson, Williams, Melvin, English). What is surprising is that the only player on this list that managed to tally more than 300 assists was Jason Williams. And that was with 2 years spent playing with Fili Rivera who was also dishing out assists at a high pace. None of these players were really known for their shot-blocking skills but Johnny Melvin and Randy Culpepper lead the way in that category. Culpepper also leads by a large margin in total steals, which is just further evidence of his underrated and tireless defensive activity.

Below are the per-game stats of the categories from the previous table:

Orsten Artis 11.5 3.4
Scott English 10.2 6.3
Jake Poole 10.5 1.9
Luster Goodwin 11.2 1.5 1.832 0.017 0.815
Kent Lockhart 8.1 2.9 2.325 0.1 0.692
Mark McCall 7.6 2.8 0.886 0.162 0.514
Johnny Melvin 8.8 4.7 2.093 0.449 1.194
Antoine Gillespie 18.1 4.1 1.915 0.17 0.926
Kimani Jones-Young 12.7 2.8 2.422 0.181 1.241
Jason Williams 12.6 6.3 3.309 0.227 1.392
Stefon Jackson 19.8 5.2 1.653 0.089 1.129
Randy Culpepper 16.9 2.7 1.986 0.254 1.819

The per-game stats sometimes give us a better idea of a player's style. For instance, you didn't have to see Jackson, Culpepper, or Gillespie play in order to know that they were among the best pure scorers in UTEP history. Averaging over 16 points per game should tell you that. All 3 of those guys were huge recruiting prizes from big recruiting hubs (Stefon from Philly, Antoine from Chicago, and Randy from Memphis). The other candidates on the list were all great scorers as well. Again, the players who also played small forward lead the way in rebounds per game. At 6-5 or so, Jackson had pretty good length for the Miners and Jason Williams was the type of player who could do all the dirty work for the Miners (guarding the opponent's best player, defend well, rebound). The assists, steals, and blocks per game are all listed as well to help you decide in case the choice is too close.

Ultimately though, we encourage you Miner fans to vote not on the numbers but based on your memories. Who deserves to be the Miner Dream Team's starting shooting guard?