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UTEP Basketball Loses Dustin Watts

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The UTEP men's basketball team has lost a member of the 2012 recruiting class, before he even stepped on the Don Haskins Center floor. According to Seattle area journalist, Kevin Cacabelos, Dustin Watts, a 6'2 shooting guard out of Seattle will not be playing for the Miners this coming season.

Its not exactly clear just exactly what Watts reasons were, but we'll look into it, and bring you more on the situation as it becomes available.

The loss is a big one for the Miners, as we aren't extremely deep in the back court, especially at the shooting guard position. But, I'm sure guys like Twymond Howard, CJ Cooper, and McKenzie Moore (when he becomes available) should get more minutes to pick up the slack.

On another note, the Miners will also have an available scholarship for the upcoming season, and while there is no guarantee that they use it, there are a few players out there that could potentially join the Miners. We'll keep you updated as we can.