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"The Rush" Episode 7

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MinerRush: "The Rush" Episode 7 - 7/4/2012
MinerRush: "The Rush" Episode 7 - 7/4/2012

In this episode of "The Rush" we talk to Andrew Coppens of, a Wisconsin fan site, about what we can expect out of the Badgers come September. The Miners will take on Wisconsin, and last year's Heisman finalist Montee Ball, at Camp Randall Stadium on September 22.

Also, we get a chance to talk to to Paul Bessire of Paul recently released his rankings of the 120 FBS schools, in regards to "home field advantage". In our talk, we get to find out a little more about how made his rankings, and came to the conclusions that he did.

Other topics include the UTEP track and field athletes that participated in the African Championships, congratulations to them. And, the newly approved downtown baseball park, and what it could mean for UTEP baseball. Hope you enjoy this episode of "The Rush". Have a great 4th of July.

The Rush Episode 7 by MinerRush