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UTEP Freshman Anthony Ritoch Is First Team All-American

UTEP Freshman Anthony Ritoch - Photo Courtesy of UTEP Athletics
UTEP Freshman Anthony Ritoch - Photo Courtesy of UTEP Athletics

Thursday, UTEP freshman track and field athlete Anthony Ritoch competed in the opening rounds of the 2012 NCAA Track and Field Outdoor championships at Des Moines, Iowa. He posted a personal best of 8:41.14 in the 3000M steeplechase, good for 3rd in his heat, and 8th overall. That showing advanced Ritoch to the NCAA championship finals this morning.

In those finals, Ritoch posted a time of 8:46.01, good for 6th overall. Here is a quick recap from UTEP Athletics.

Rotich fell to the back of the pack at the beginning of the race, but he quickly found his pace and began to pull away. The freshman was in the top five for more than half of the race and remained with the leading pack throughout the competition. C-USA Champion Carl Stones challenged Rotich in the final lap, but Rotich cover the move and defeated Stones. The Kenyan native took sixth place in the steeplechase and clocked in a time of 8:46.01 in his first NCAA Championship.

That 6th place finish for Ritoch makes him a First Team All-American, as the top 8 finishers earned that honor. Congratulations to Anthony Ritoch in his terrific performance today, and throughout the season.