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Quick Rant: UTEP Basketball Schedule

Ok, here's what we know: The Miners will have non-conference home games against Oregon, UNLV, New Mexico St., Oral Roberts, and Idaho. They will also have road games against Arizona, Colorado St., and New Mexico St. They will participate in two tournaments, including the Old Spice Classic around Thanksgiving, and the Don Haskins Invitational (or whatever its called) about a week or two after.

We do know that the Old Spice Classic field will include Clemson, Davidson, Gonzaga, Marist, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Vanderbilt, but the pairings are still yet to be set. On twitter, @OldSpiceClassic, they had said they were shooting for a late June/early July date to release those pairings, so I'd expect to hear something pretty soon.

The field for the DHI is still yet to be set, but UTEP had told us almost a month ago to expect an announcement on that field in the coming weeks. Now, Nebraska has been tossed out there a couple of times already, as being on the UTEP schedule, but no official word from UTEP has said anything about Nebraska. I almost expect to hear that the Huskers will be a part of that field.

So, from what we know so far, the Miners currently have 8 out of conference games scheduled, and two non-conference tournaments for a total of 13 games prior to the conference slate. Normally, the Miners play about a 14 game out of conference schedule, so there could still be 1 other announcement to come.

Over the last five years, the Miners have played less than 14 ooc games only once, but a 13 game slate is certainly a possibility. Its also possible that Nebraska is not a part of the DHI, and they could be that 14th game. As it stands today, the Miners will have a 29 game schedule this year (13ooc/16conf), not including exhibition games. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if there will be any more surprises to come.