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"The Rush" Episode 5

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MinerRush: "The Rush" Podcast - 6/21/2012
MinerRush: "The Rush" Podcast - 6/21/2012

This week on "The Rush" we get a chance to talk some UTEP and Conference USA football with Greg Tepper from Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine. Also, we talk a little about where UTEP stands in the NCAA's progress reports, and the UTEP athletics departments giving us the opportunity to catch up with every player in the 2012 men's basketball recruiting class.

Big thanks to Greg Tepper for taking the time out to join us on "The Rush", and for sharing his insight and knowledge about our Miners. Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine will be out, in stores today, so make sure to grab yourself a copy of that.

Also, today we will get a chance to meet up with UTEP G/F and Parade All-American Twymond Howard, so make sure you check back to find out what he's got to say. With that, here is the fifth episode of "The Rush", hope you enjoy it.

The Rush Episode 5 by MinerRush