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"The Rush" Episode 4

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MinerRush: "The Rush" Podcast - 6/14/2012
MinerRush: "The Rush" Podcast - 6/14/2012

This week on "The Rush" podcast we are joined by Bob from SB Nation sister site Red Cup Rebellion, which covers Ole Miss Rebel Sports. This episode is the second in a series of twelve episodes that we will do throughout the summer, talking with someone representing each and every school featured on the 2012 UTEP football schedule.

The Miners will travel to Oxford, MS to take on Ole Miss on September 8th, with a time still to be determined. Topics for this episode of "The Rush" include a breakdown of the Ole Miss football team, fan base expectations, and predictions for the outcome of the game.

Big thanks goes out to Bob from Red Cup Rebellion for taking some time out to join us. Make sure to check out over the coming months to chime in on the conversation about the UTEP - Ole Miss game.

The Rush Episode 4 by MinerRush