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UTEP Basketball Recruiting: 2012-2015 Prospects

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With the 2012 late recruiting period winding down, I figured it was time to take a look at potential future Miners. The following list includes every prospect that I could find from the 2012 class through 2015. Some of these players have been offered scholarships by the Miners, and some are just receiving interest. Left off the list, is former Tennessee player Renaldo Woolridge. UTEP is supposed to be in the running for the 6'9 F who will have one year of eligibility remaining. Without further ado, here's the list.

Player School/City Position Height/Weight Stars/Grade Class Interest/Offer
BillyDee Williams Faith Baptist/Orlando, FL G/F 6'5/200 lbs 3/89 2012 Offer
Matt Willms Findlay Prep/Las Vegas, NV (CAN) C 7'0/210 lbs 2/86 2012 Offer
Norvel Pelle Price/Long Beach, CA PF 6'9/200 lbs 4/94 2011 (RC) Offer
Aaron Valdes La Jolla Prep/La Jolla, CA G/F 6'5 NA 2012 Offer
Phillip Jones Piney Woods/Piney Woods, MS SF 6'6/195lbs NA 2012 Offer
Joseph Chealey Apopka/Apoka, FL PG 6'2/170lbs NA 2013 Offer
Wilfredo Rodriguez East River/Orlando, FL G/F 6'5/175lbs NA 2013 Offer
Jonathan Motley North Shore/Houston, TX PF 6'8/195lbs 3/91 2013 Offer
Allen Baez Miami, Miami, FL PG 6'3/180lbs NA 2013 Interest
Jaron Hopkins Basha/Chandler, AZ SG 6'4/185 lbs 4/93 2013 Offer
Malique Trent Norcom/Portsmouth, VA SG 6'2 NA 2013 Interest
AJ Lapray Sprague/Salem, OR PG 6'4 NA 2013 Offer
Jordan Matthews Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA SG 6'2/175 lbs 2/86 2013 Offer
Malcolm Allen Centennial/Las Vegas, NV PG 6'3/190lbs 2/84 2013 Interest
Marcus Allen Centennial/Las Vegas, NV PG/SG 6'3/180lbs NA 2013 Interest
Dwight Coleby Piney Woods/Piney Woods, MS F 6'9/225lbs NA 2013 Interest
Isaac Hamilton St. John Bosco/Los Angeles, CA SG 6'4/170lbs 4/95 2013 Interest
Idrissa Diallo Ribet/Los Angeles, CA PF 6'9/220lbs NA 2014 Interest
Daniel Hamilton St. John Bosco/Los Angeles, CA SF 6'7/170lbs NA 2014 Offer
Kendall Small Ocean View/Anaheim, CA PG 5'11/155lbs NA 2015 Interest