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Congratulations Goes Out To Randy Culpepper

Randy Culpepper, a Miner great, has just finished up his first year in the Ukrainian SuperLeague. Culpepper took home Point Guard Of The Year honors, and finished as the league's leading scorer in his first season, while also leading his team into the medal round. They took the bronze.

Culpepper averaged 22.4 points on the season, while also pulling in 2.5 rebounds a game, and dishing out 3.6 assists. He shot nearly 45% from the field on the season, and also finished with a 3 point percentage of about 32%. RC3 capped his season performance with a 45 point effort in the Ukrainian league consolation game.

Here is the tweet that Randy sent out earlier today:

"Bronze baby!!!!!! The NBA scouts doubted me about my point guard skills; but guess what??? I got POINT GUARD OF THE YEAR!!!!”

All of us here at MinerRush congratulate Randy on his terrific accomplishments and surely we're going to be seeing him soon playing in the United States, in the NBA, alongside fellow class of 2011 standout Julyan Stone who is playing with the Denver Nuggets.