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Conference Expansion: Quick Rant

First off, it seems like we're getting closer and closer to the Big 12 grabbing some ACC teams, and potentially a couple others. After the TCU prez's comments, and those of others, we should be seeing some changes in the next few months, if not sooner.

Second, the whole super-conference thing is becoming a very likely possibility. As it stands today, there are a ton of schools that want out of the Big East and ACC and into more stable homes like the SEC, Big 12, and Big 10. So, if the Big 12 gets the ball rolling, it only makes sense that the other power conferences would take some schools as well.

The only problem I see with four 16 team super-conferences, is that there are really no expansion candidates for the Pac-12. While getting to 16 teams may be ideal, they're certainly not gonna water down what they've created simply for the sake of expanding.

Anyway, best possible scenario, imo, would be for the Big 12, Big 10, and SEC to get to 16, while the PAC-12 stays at 12, the Big East goes back to being a basketball conference, and the ACC just makes due with whatever they can. That could potentially allow the MWC to get to 12 members, and C-USA to get to 16.

Here's what I came up with for first tier conferences:

Big 12 SEC Big 10 Pac-12
Baylor Alabama Illinois Arizona
Iowa St. Arkansas Indiana Arizona St.
Kansas Auburn Iowa Cal
Kansas St. Florida Michigan Colorado
Oklahoma Georgia Michigan St. Oregon
Oklahoma St. Kentucky Minnesota Oregon St.
Texas LSU Nebraska Stanford
Texas Tech Mississippi Northwestern UCLA
TCU Mississippi St. Ohio State USC
West Virginia South Carolina Penn St. Utah
Tennessee Purdue Washington
Florida St. Vanderbilt Wisconsin Washington St.
Georgia Tech Missouri
Miami Texas A&M Notre Dame
Louisville Rutgers
Cincinatti Va Tech UCONN
BYU Clemson Syracuse


This is what the second tier conferences could look like:

DePaul Boston College Air Force Charlotte
Georgetown Duke Boise St. East Carolina
Marquette Maryland Colorado St. FIU
Memphis North Carolina Fresno St. Houston
Providence North Carolina St. Hawaii Louisiana Tech
Seton Hall Pitt Nevada Marshall
St. John's Virginia New Mexico North Texas
Temple Wake Forest San Diego St. Old Dominion
Villanova San Jose St. Rice
Central Florida UNLV SMU
Xavier South Florida Utah St. Southern Miss
Wyoming Tulane


Obviously, there would be a ton to be worked out. One of the biggest things, BYU. TV networks want the ability to broadcast games on Sundays, and BYU simply will not play games on that day. Some kind of agreement would have to be made for them to make their way into any conference.

The ACC would lose the Florida market entirely so taking USF and UCF would only make sense, but again that is something that hasn't even been talked about. Xavier has been mentioned for the Big East, and if they went to basketball only, it would make sense. Butler and VCU could be two more to get them to 12.

Notre Dame has been talked about for the Big 12, but in reality they fit in best with the Big 10. I don't know about Rutgers, UCONN, and Syracuse, but its a thought. Altogether, this is far from a perfect solution, but imo, it could make sense. Just some thoughts in a crazy world of conference expansion. What do you all think?