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Conference Expansion: Not So Fast, Old Dominion Still Considering Move to Conference USA


Yesterday, CBS sports reported that multiple sources had confirmed that both Old Dominion and Charlotte were set to join Conference USA beginning in the 2013 season. Today, we're finding out that those reports may have been a bit premature. Officials at ODU did confirm that the school is considering moving to C-USA, among other conferences, but no decision has been made.

The school asked for an extension on the deadline to make the decision, which was apparently granted. It is still believed that all other schools mentioned are set to join the conference, and Old Dominion probably won't be too far behind. But, as of now, there is no confirmation that Old Dominion will join Conference USA in the 2013 school year.

Issues of concern for ODU apparently include the added expense of more scholarships, facilities and travel, and the potential issue with title XI. Sources say that C-USA is intent on moving to 14 members, and could potentially take Middle Tennessee State, should ODU decline the invitation. More to come as the story unfolds.