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Fomer TCU LB Tanner Brock to UTEP "Complete Rumors"

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Yesterday the twitter world was filled with word that former TCU LB Tanner Brock would be transferring to UTEP. Today we know that those words were nothing but rumor. Word started spreading when former teammate Tank Carder alluded to it on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas:

"Last thing I heard, he was going to UTEP," Carder told the radio show. "He's going over there with his brother and sit out a year and try to get back in it."

The words created a spark as Mac Engel of the The Big Mac Blog went on to write a piece on the news of Brock transferring to UTEP. That spark then created a flame as numerous outlets began reporting and tweeting that Tanner Brock would be spending his final year of eligibility with the Miners.

In order to clarify what he had said, Tank Carder (@tankcarder) tweeted this later on the day:

"For everyone that blew up about me sayin Tanner was goin to UTEP, go back and listen. I said "last I heard". I nvr confirmed anything"

Steven Shults, the director of compliance at UTEP, told that the university had received "a blanket statement sent to every school in the country allowing them to contact Tanner Brock". Logan Brock, the older brother of Tanner, and former TCU TE, also told that the word of Tanner going to UTEP was "complete rumor".

There has been no word from Tanner Brock about where he will end up, but one has to think UTEP is at least in consideration. The words of Tank Carder, even when clarifying show that at some point Tanner was planning on attending UTEP. If the Miners can snag him, it would be a huge upgrade to that LB corp. More to come as it becomes available.