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SB Nation Youtube Channel

MinerRusher's, over the last couple of months SB Nation launched their new YouTube Channel in an effort to not only spread the word about SB Nation, but to get us a little more exposure as well. In the coming weeks, we will be able to see some of these YouTube videos in our sidebar, and MinerRush will be a part of it as well.

The guys at SB Nation have been kind enough to provide us with some solid camera equipment, as well as a full production team to help us produce our videos. Ok, well maybe WE don't have a full production team, but SBN sure does. If you wanna see the great stuff SBN is doing, check out this video from the guys over at Every Day Should Be Saturday:

Look out for the MinerRush YouTube videos to get launched at some point this summer. But, until then hit up SB Nation on YouTube (RIGHT HERE) to check out videos on college and pro sports from SB Nations Blogs, and last, but surely not least, SUBSCRIBE!!!