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NCAA Bubble Blind Resume

This will likely be the last day of the blind resumes considering that as we get closer to selection Sunday, more and more tickets are punched, and it becomes a little more obvious who will be in and who will out. For those who don't know, yesterday's blind resumes were that of (A) Northwestern, (B) Texas, and (C) Xavier. All three of those teams are either just in, or just out, depending on who you talk to. Anyway, here are today's resumes.

Team Team A Team B Team C
Record 21-10, 8-8 23-8, 12-4 18-10, 8-6
RPI 60 48 21
SOS 76 106 4
vs. top 50 3-4 3-6 3-5
vs. top 100 8-8 5-6 8-9
Bad Losses None None #170