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NCAA Bubble Blind Resume

I thought it'd be fun to give some blind resume comparisons heading into next week's 2012 NCAA tournament. I'll give you three teams, with resumes including overall record, conference record, rpi, sos, record vs. rpi top 50, vs. top 100, and their bad losses (outside top 150 rpi). You all decide who you think should make it. If you think more than one are tourney teams, or if you think none are, drop it in the comments. I only have one request though, don't go searching through rpi rankings to find out who is who. It kinda defeats the purpose of a blind resume. Anyway, here are today's three resumes.

Team Team A Team B Team C
Record 27-6, 16-2 19-11, 8-10 22-8, 13-5
RPI 67 56 49
SOS 251 58 87
vs. Rpi Top 50 1-2 4-7 0-5
vs. Rpi Top 100 2-3 7-8 5-7
Bad Losses Rpi #156 Rpi #151, 193 None