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Miners Suffer Gutwrenching Loss...Again (Quick Blog/Vent)

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As everyone already knows, the Miner men dropped another tough decision 61-60 tonight, this time at home against the UAB Blazers. The loss puts UTEP at 10-13 overall, and 3-6 in Conference USA.

Its times like these when its easy to get discouraged about the way things are going for our Miners. But, its also times like these when we should take a step back and realize exactly what it is that we have, and forget about what we want, think, and feel.

Its time to realize that this UTEP team just isn't as good as we expect them to be. That's not to say they aren't good, because there is no denying their talent. John Bohannon, while still having plenty to improve on, is having a monster year, and will be around for 2 more years. Julian Washburn is only a freshman, but is a phenomenal athlete, and will mature into one of the best players UTEP has seen in a while. And guys like Perez, Lang, and others also have extremely bright futures.

But, as a whole, they just don't have it...yet. It's no longer a matter of youth. Its more a matter of experience. Its a matter of having the time to play with a group of guys, and establish relationships on and off the court that translate into the makings of a great basketball TEAM.

Its a matter of gaining confidence in their abilities, while still realizing and accepting their limitations. Its a matter of relying on each other, instead of on ones self, and its a matter of being mature enough to be able figure out how to win games that you "should win".

The feeling we have tonight isn't a good one. But let's be honest, its probably not the last time we'll feel it this season. As a program we've been here before, and each time we've risen to great accomplishments. Things are no different for this team. Just be patient, keep believing, keep supporting, and in time we will be the witnesses to some of the greatest teams the University of Texas at El Paso has ever produced. Go Miners!