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UPDATE: Big East Not interested in UTEP

(01/07/13)MWCConnect reporting that according to ESPN's Andy Katz: Apparently three Conference USA schools are of interest to the Big East. None of them are named the UTEP Miners, according to Katz. (12/31/12)ESPN reporting a surprising, yet not-so-unexpected turn of events for the Big East Conference & Boise State. The University announced today that they will remain in the Mountain West conference versus heading to the Big East in 2013 as expected. With this announcement, the question begs asking...which dominoes will be next to fall follow? Houston, SMU, San Diego State, Memphis & Central Florida, you're officially on the clock!

Blue Turf Mountain West Logo
Blue Turf Mountain West Logo
Interestingly enough it would appear that the Mountain West may be taking this opportunity to strengthen itself further:
Besides the possibility of losing San Diego State, sources told ESPN that Houston and SMU, scheduled to join the Big East next season, are among four possible teams the Mountain West may target, along with Tulsa and UTEP. The Mountain West will look to add a 12th member by 2014, sources said.
Here's the link to Brett McMurphy's article: Boise St. sticking with Mountain West